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Duct Liner Repair

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Fiberglass (fibrous glass or glass wool) internal duct liner is used commonly as acoustical and thermal insulation in many Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Fiberglass Duct Liner Deterioration

Over time internal duct liner exposed to varying degrees of air turbulence, temperature and humidity tend to deteriorate breaking down its primary seal.

The primary seal is a black gritty coating on the surface of the duct liner which locks down the fiber glass fiber. When old and broken it can migrate through supply diffusers depositing like black dust on the surrounding room surfaces.

After the primary seal has fully deteriorated due to the airstreams it will wick the raw fiberglass fibers through the ventilation system exposing occupants to raw fiberglass fibers.


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Numerous IAQ case studies have shown that fiberglass duct liner, combined with dust, dirt and moisture, is a very good medium for microbial growth (examples: mold, fungus, Legionella bacteria). Although the surfaces can be cleaned, when the contamination has reach the inside layers of the fiber glass it will generally create bad damp smell that emanates through the supply diffuser.

How Can Fiberglass Air Ducts Be Repaired?

If caught in the early stages of deterioration the internal fiberglass duct liner can be repaired. Fiberglass duct liner can be resurfaced with an encapsulate specifically designed for HVAC systems.

If the internal fiberglass lining to too deteriorated and there is sufficient a new internal insulation can be installed within the ducting.

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