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The SaniH20 advantage

We rely on world-class disinfectants that we mix, optimise and re-engineer for precision and maximum performance.

We disinfect end to end, and subject each component of the water system to rigorous disinfection. This is a “market first” in the UAE.

We’re partnering with cutting-edge manufacturers to supply a range of products combining beautiful aesthetics with tangible benefits – exclusively for our clients. Our product portfolio includes a variety of well-crafted shower heads that purify & neutralize chlorine and help conserve water.

   Our team is the most professional and best trained in the market, with every technician and manager requiring to clear Saniservice’s rigorous in-house training before entering the field. SaniH2O is also approved from the Dubai Municipality to make sure that you are in safe hands.

We stand by our work. Whether it’s through transparent reporting and guarantees, or by third-party quality checks on the water being piped to you, we’re not afraid to show you how we’ve created great value for you.


We’ve perfected sustainable disinfection that is healthy for people and the environment. Our products deliver medical-grade sanitization that kills microbes on contact before breaking down into oxygen, hydrogen and water. We meet the highest European standards for safety and environmental protection – which means you can breathe better with a clearer conscience.

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