Dubai Municipality Guidelines for Water Tank Cleaning In Dubai

Dubai Municipality has laid down some guidelines to follow while considering water tank cleaning in Dubai. First of all, water tank cleaning is a mandatory procedure as per the Dubai Municipality and they have emphasized upon its need time and again. Here are some of the guidelines requirements:-

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Frequency:

The responsible person has to ensure the water tank cleaning and disinfection of all available water tanks within their premises. The Minimum frequency schedule is depicted in the table below:

water tank cleaning frequency

The above table clearly mentions the frequency of water tank cleaning as per the Dubai Municipality guidelines. But there are different set of rules to be followed when it comes to Frequency of Water Tank Inspection which are depicted in the table below:-

Water Tank cleaning Inspection Frequency

Most Common Signs of Water Tank Contamination:

The following image shows the signs of contamination to look out for inside and outside your water tanks.

Water Tank Contamination Signs

Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Requirements

  • The Responsible person has to notify all the tenants and residents of the building where the disinfection is to be taken place about the service date and time of the water tank cleaning service.
  • Everyone should know about the DEWA supply shut down prior to the aforementioned service.
  • The notice has to be provided in 3 languages Arabic, English & Hindi, any other languages, may be added as well.
  • The service is performed during normal working days so as not to disturb the residents and the tenants.
  • After the service, the residents and the tenants have to be notified that it is safe to turn on their water supply and the supply should be kept running for at least 5 minutes before they start utilizing the water for their daily purposes.
  • The schedule for water tank cleaning and inspection should be noted and duly followed so as to maintain acceptable levels of pure water inside the water tanks.
  • The water tank company has to ensure that they complete the “water tank cleaning inspection and sampling checklist” for the water tanks inspected and retain the signed copies of these checklists on their respective files for any regulatory authority requests, if any.
  • The water tank cleaning and disinfection is to be performed 48 hours of the inspection date and time.
  • The water inside the water storage tanks is to be tested whenever contamination is suspected.
  • The parameters for water tank sampling are as follows:

Water Tank Sampling Parameters

  • A third party shall be engaged for water quality sampling and testing that is properly licensed and accredited by the Government.
  • Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection Procedure steps explained in the following flow-chart:

Water Tank Cleaning Procedure Dubai Flowchart

The water tanks have to be maintained in a clean and safe condition at all times in compliance with the Bureau’s Water Quality Regulations.

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