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Cares about Sustainability

Committed to avoid chemicals in their process, Saniservice uses a Swiss patented disinfectant – Saniswiss Biosanitizer.  This disinfectant contains none of the following:  Alcohol, aldehyde, chlorine derivatives and other halogens, phenols, biguanide, conservative agents and is totally free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other harsh or polluting chemicals.
Naturally composed of 98% pure water and <2% of hydrogen peroxide, the solution is accelerated through BHP – technology (Boosted Hydrogen Peroxide), offering a real eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical disinfectants.

Saniservice is the only provider in the Middle East licensed to use a next-generation disinfectant technology from Switzerland. 100% eco-friendly, the Saniswiss™ biosanitizer provides hospital-grade disinfection that kills 99.9999% of bacteria on contact. It can be misted using our fogging machine technology to amplify reach and effectiveness.

Saniservice uses a special fogging machine that practically turns the liquid biosanitizer to fine mist. After use, the active ingredients revert back to water and oxygen leaving virtually no residues in the air or on surfaces.
No harmful side effects, no toxicity, no disposal precaution and ease of handling makes this disinfectant totally sustainable and safe for the environment and for your loved ones.

Proud to have used 0 metric tons of ‘hospital grade disinfectant’
of which 96% is water…

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