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About us

A world of care and sanitization under one roof

We’re the only brand in the Middle East that has created bespoke sanitisation services to safeguard your entire environment – including air, water and the surfaces that surround you. From AC duct systems and water system disinfecting to mattress protection and pest control, we keep you and your loved ones safe with a universe of sanitisation services. And once you enter the Saniservice universe, you’ll gain access to many preferential deals and perks especially reserved for loyal clients.

Our Results

Speak for themselves

Our corporate mantra is “the pursuit of service quality and perfection.” We deliver Swiss-grade services, which means strict quality control, professional training and guaranteed results 100% of the time.

After disinfecting

your water tank

Saniservice extends the protection to your home and loved ones through other premium services

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AC Cleaning

Saniservice has been the leader in the AC Cleaning and Disinfection
industry since 2009, providing clean and healthy indoor air to homes
and offices using 100% chemical free bio-sanitizers.

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Pest Control

We protect your Home

Against termites and other pests that

can compromise your family’s health.

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Pristine Room

Sleep better at night

Pristine Bed cleans, disinfect and protects your
mattresses from allergens. Pristine Room combines
all our premium services into customizable packages
to create a total hypoallergenic environment for you.

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Place your trusted jobs in the most experienced hands in the region.

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